Enhance Home Exterior with these 3 Elegant Ideas

Enhance Home Exterior with these 3 Elegant Ideas

Modern ideas and new ways to design are evermore bountiful. The beauty of inspiration through expression and creativeness has a captivating effect. We can be inspired by even the most simplest form of expression, for instance a little dazzle of color in a natural tone setting. The littlest form of expression can make an enormous difference. Regardless of your budget, there are many ways to make a difference with your home exterior that will make you feel more at home and at a price that suits your finances. Here are 3 ways to make your home an elegant work of art.

Refresh with Front Door Color

Invigorate the front door with any color and shade of the rainbow and beyond. This doesn’t mean that it has to be over done. There are a spectrum of colors to choose from that are elegant and subtle and yet pack a powerful punch to the appeal of your home. Be sure to choose a good quality paint that meets your standards. Take time on choosing a color and test your favorites by paining a little on a piece of wood and placing the wood by the front door. Be sure and take note on how the color contrasts with natural lighting such as gray and sunny days as well as the changing of the seasons. A few unique and striking colors are – – yellow, dark violet and maple leaf red.

Shutters and Flowers

I can look at photos of outside shutters cushioned with flowers all day. Outdoor shutters are one of the most drastic and positive changes that can be done to the outside of a home. The look a feel of shutters are extremely pleasing. Adding flowers to the area around the shuttered windows offers a great burst of beauty and enchantment. One great benefit to exterior shutters is, you don’t need them on every single window. You can play with putting them on certain windows of your home and they still end up looking great. Shutters are historical and have been around since King Henry VIII and even before the invention of glass windows. If you live in an old home, you may find some old shutters in the attic. Don’t throw away shutters as they can be used as shutter art and can be up cycled into many creative designs. If you can’t find a use for your old shutters, take them to an antique or revival shop or better yet, keep them.

Trim & Moulding

Revive your home with the cost effective trim repaint. This is an opportunity to play with color and contrast so that your home has more than one dimension. Don’t forget to spend quality time in picking and testing out the right color of paint. The wonderful thing about paint is it can always be painted over in case the color is not what was intended. A basic yet effective repaint of trim is easy and affordable. Enhance your homes architectural features by using more than one color to trim, if your home allows. There are no rules, so get in touch with the beauty of your home by outlining it’s frame with colors that compliment the other exterior features. You can go further and add new trim and/or moulding, which really gives your home a refined appearance. New trim and moulding technology offers many material options to help in the long lasting and low maintenance of your home exterior.

Black Shutters with Hydrangeas | @Spencer Means/Flickr