The Dos and Don’ts of Botox

The Dos and Don'ts of Botox

We all want to look our very best. Whether it be for professional success or simple self-esteem, there are many different reasons people choose to have cosmetic surgery or enhancements performed. Typically, the less invasive the procedure, the less effective it will be in terms of results. One increasingly popular procedure, however, is minimally invasive and provides ample benefits for months at a time. Botox, as it is popularly known, can be an easy way to remove wrinkles and even treat a variety of muscular conditions. Before you decide to add Botox to your beauty regime, it’s important that you learn about the dos and don’ts involving it. We’ve put together a list of them below for you to consider.

What to Do

Above all else, always be sure that you are working with a licensed and well-reviewed medical professional like those at Your Laser Skin. There are plenty of horror stories out there about people who chose Botox in Los Angeles and beyond but who did not use the services of qualified professionals.

Next, be sure to consult with the medical professional on how Botox can benefit you. Botox can affect the skin in different ways for different people, and will produce different effects depending on the extent of the wrinkles and other facial features.

Always be sure to speak up about any allergies or reactions you have had to substances or medical procedures in the past. This will help avoid complications.

Your medical professional may advise you to move the muscles where the injection was given for a period of one to two hours in order to help ensure even spread of the injection.

You’ll want to be aware that Botox injections can cause temporary redness, swelling, bruising and/or headaches. All of these symptoms are temporary in nature and should resolve shortly after the injection.

If any prolonged effects from the injection are observed, then be sure to speak up immediately and contact your medical professional. This could be the sign of rare but serious Botox side-effects.

What Not to Do

If you are currently pregnant or breast-feeding, then you will want to avoid the use of Botox injections. This could cause complications for your baby; the injections can wait!

Certain medications should not be taken immediately after a Botox injection. These include standard ibuprofen, aspirin and Vitamins A, B & E. Please wait at least one day before consuming any of these.

Unless advised by your medical professional as mentioned above, do not massage or attempt to manipulate any of the injection sites or surrounding areas for at least two days following the procedure.

Despite the wonders of Botox, it may not respond exactly as you had hoped. If this is true, then avoid any additional or corrective injections for at least two weeks following the first or previous round of injections. It can take up to two weeks before the injections produce the full and intended effect.

Now You Know

With all of the dos and don’ts out of the way, you can be sure to make the right decision regarding any treatment with Botox in Los Angeles. Always be sure to use only qualified medical professionals and listen to the advice provided by them: this can make the difference between an excellent procedure and a potentially dangerous one!

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