Tribeca Loft by Andrew Franz Architect

Tribeca Loft by Andrew Franz Architect

Architect Andrew Franz did a fantastic job transforming an old caviar warehouse into this contemporary open plan home with loft. This warehouse in New York, which dates back to 1884, has a roof and top floor that now serve as a warm and inviting residence offering “fluid connection to the outdoors” and open entertaining areas for guests.

The home combines various features of modern style including clean lines, large glass windows, and minimalism to evoke class and sophistication. Meanwhile, to add a touch of homey, the architect made use of rustic wooden posts, raw brick walls, and a few vintage furniture pieces. All these blend seamlessly to create a “visual discourse between new and old”.

The area spans 3,000 square feet so as you can imagine, there’s plenty of room for the decorator’s mind to go wild and imaginative. But a big space is nothing if the perfect interior arrangement is not achieved.

In this home, you can see how well the area has been divided into different functions. On one corner are the dining room and kitchen with bar. On the other is the spacious living room with a big sofa facing two chairs and a sculptural piece of coffee table.

Every corner of the home has been laid out perfectly that your sight would flow smoothly from one point to another without distraction or interruption. There’s plenty of space to move around, nothing to hamper movement or creativity.

The connection to the outside world is made possible through a sunken interior court with a retractable glass roof that leads to the roof garden above.

When the roof is opened, the area is showered with lots of natural sunlight. There’s also sufficient ventilation, letting fresh air come inside. At night, the court serves as an “internal lantern” that lights up the living space below.

It’s also important to note that the whole home is energy efficient and made of sustainable materials. The architect made use of reclaimed and repurposed loft materials. Other materials used in the project are new and locally sourced like the retractable glass roof, cabinetry, metal works and appliances.

The roof terrace is made with reclaimed bluestone pavers. Planted in the garden are native species that require minimal water to survive. At the same time, these plants provide natural insulation to the living space below.

The Tribeca Loft is not only a beautiful sanctuary. It is also a highly functional and low maintenance home with low environmental impact.

Tribeca Loft by Andrew Franz Architect